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Art Therapy and Counseling

I believe that every person is a work of art and that their process in life, however difficult or complex, is ultimately, illustrating an ongoing masterpiece. I see each client as an individual composed of many pieces, welcome them as they are, and foster a space for them to gain understanding, acceptance, and meet the challenges of their life process.

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A mosaic is created by putting together many different sized, sometimes irregularly shaped pieces in order to create a whole image. Each piece holds value, contains the possibility of movement, and has importance in the development of the image. I believe that therapy provides the opportunity to play with the small, sometimes irregularly shaped pieces that lie within each of us. The pieces offer us the opportunity to create new, intentional, yet ever evolving images corresponding to where we are in our life processes. Mosaic Sun Valley, Art Therapy and Counseling is a place where those pieces can be investigated, reorganized, set aside, or brought forward depending on the challenges and changes that are encountered by individuals over time.

     My passion in therapy is working with adolescent and teen girls, young adults, and couples. Striving to support and empower adolescents, teens, and young adults as they maneuver life transitions, build self-concept, and navigate relationships are some of the goals I can support in therapy. Realizing that relationships are beautiful, yet sometimes challenging, parts of life I works with couples to develop tools to access better understanding, communication, and connection.

Acknowledging that the pieces we are each dealt are different and in need of individuation in therapy, I offer an eclectic approach in therapy. Utilizing my background as an art therapist and clinical knowledge to be adaptive and creative in tailoring therapy to the individuals or couples with whom I work. Using art when appropriate, but also pulling from CBT, strength-based approaches, Person-Centered Therapy, Somatic Expression, my training as a clinical counselor, in EMDR, and the Gottman method in developing interventions in therapy.

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Available via telehealth for Florida Residents

128 Saddle Road

Suite 203, D

Ketchum, ID 83340

(208) 213-2213

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